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Artwork Basics

Use this page to learn about various terms and processes associated with our artwork.

Original Artwork

Original art is framed and hand signed by the artist.  My original scratchboard pieces generally have a background that is not solid black as seen in the images on our Website. The background is layered with many layers of black Indian ink.


When you purchase an original, you own the piece, but you do not own the right to reproduce the piece, or to use it an any way other than display.  ArtJax retains the copyright and may produce copies in either Limited or Open Edition printing for all of our work.

Artist Proof
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When a new original piece is created, up to ten artist proof copies may be created.  These will be noted with the identifier AP1-10 signed on the back of each piece.  Artist proofs are generally created the first few times a piece is printed, or when a new vendor is used.  All Artist Proofs are personally inspected and hand signed by the artist.  Artist proofs are generally thought to be more valuable than Limited Edition or Open Edition prints.  If you are interested in an artist proof, please inquire through the "contact us" page.

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints have a defined number of copies of a piece of art.  The artist will establish the series size and then each copy is sequentially numbered and the unique identifier is hand signed on the back of the piece, such as 23/75.  Limiting the number of prints may increase the value of your fine artwork.  Currently limited edition pieces are offered in a series size of 75 pieces, regardless of the print medium or dimensions of the piece. Promotional items and 5x7 samples are not included in the series.  Limited edition prints are drop-shipped directly from our print vendor.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be thrilled with your artwork.  Within 14 days of receiving any print, if you decide for any reason that you would like to exchange it, we will apply the amount paid towards any other piece of equal or less value, or greater value provided that you pay the difference in price.  You will be required to pay shipping fees for the return, and re-pack the piece in its original packing materials.  Once we receive the piece and verify that it is undamaged, we will send your alternative piece.  We provide this option one-time on any purchase.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each Original, Artist Proof, and Limited Edition print comes with a hand signed certificate of authenticity specifying the name, edition size, and other pertinent details about your piece.  Having this certificate may increase the value of your fine art.

Scratchboard Art

Scratchboard art is a unique medium that is not widely used.  The originals are hand etched into white kaolin clay that has been layered

with many layers of black Indian ink.  I then paint the  clay with lightfast acrylic inks which have a lot of vibrancy.  Click on the image to

see the detail.  Learn more about this by clicking TECHNIQUE.

HD Metal Printing
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Metal Printing is done by printing using a 3-D metal printer on a thin sheet of aluminum. This process produces a stunning image. I like this medium because it produces a stunning, sharp image where the colors really pop! 

My printing technique is unique because the inks go from a solid to a gaseous state without turning into a liquid. This ink consists of a solid, heat-intensive dye, which provides the color, dissolved in liquid. Under heat and pressure, the solid dye particles change into gas, bond with any polymers present, and change back into a solid. The high temperature used opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter. When the substrate is removed from the heat source and is allowed to cool, the pores close, and the gas reverts to a solid, becoming a part of the polymer. As such, the dye particles can no longer be removed and will not wash out with even chemical solutions.

Commissioned Work

Marie will do a commissioned scratchboard piece on request.  The price will vary based on size and complexity.  

Order Turnaround

Metal and canvas prints are made to order and typically can be shipped to you within 4-6 weeks from the receipt of your order.  Very often common sizes are shipped much more quickly.  Also we have stock on certain pieces which ship within a few days of your order.

Gallery Wrap - Premium Canvas

Gallery wrapped pieces do not require framing.  These pieces are finished with backing and are ready to hang.  All of our canvas pieces are printed on premium high quality canvas.

Frame to Edge - Metal

All of our pieces printed on metal are finished "Frame to Edge".  The frame (sides) are black 1.25" thick, matching the background of the piece.  These pieces have a wood or metal "stiffener" to keep the image flat and prevent warping.

Custom Orders

In many cases, I can produce our artwork in custom sizes and different finishes.  My metal pieces can optionally be finished in with custom mounting.  You may choose a frame ready 3/4" deep metal frame, instead of the normal 1.25" frame.  You can also choose our metal pieces without a frame.  This mounting, called wall float, is the flat metal print with a wood or metal "standoff" that gives a shadow effect when hung.  Prices for custom orders will be quoted on request and are generally a little higher than our standard sizes and finishes.

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